The Video Game Museum at E3

Considering the how far we’ve come in terms of video game graphics and technology, it’s nice to be able to see where it all started.  The video game museum has been an excellent addition to E3, providing a welcome contrast to the rest of the event.  E3 is definitely a fun place to experience, but after hours and hours navigating through huge crowds and lines and being bombarded with music and loud flashy trailers, it can definitely wear a person down.  The video game museum has been a wonderful place to take a break and experience the history of the industry while not only providing an amazing feeling of nostalgia.  On display are game machines such as Caleco Vision, to Nintendo’s Famicom and even a few special edition Playstation 2 consoles only released in Europe.  Even more interesting is being able to actually see some of the notable failures like Panasonic’s 3-DO system and Nintendo’s Virtual Boy.  Sometimes seeing is not enough, if one really wants to relive their childhood, they even give you the opportunity to play a lot of the systems.  Want to play Double Dragon on a Sega Genesis again?  You’re in luck!  With the NBA Finals going on, do you want to see how basketball games used to be like in the 80s?  Play a game or two!  In a particularly nice touch, a sort of 80s living room was recreated in the area complete with a couch, an Atari system, and the typical 80s television encased in a cabinet and several games to play.  Included as well are several arcade games such as Gauntlet II, Super Mario Bros and Virtua Cop, with no need for quarters to play!  Here’s hoping that the Video Game Museum becomes a permanent part of E3.  Even though I’m enjoying all the amazing advancements in video games, there really is nothing like the good old days!

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